What we do?

The centre receives all complaints regarding the manifestations of corruption which may include: bribery, nepotism and cronyism, waste of public money, abuse of authority or of power, fraud and tax evasion, money-laundering, lack of transparency, sextortion, political corruption, administrative corruption, etc …

The centre offers free services which consist in:

  • Giving a Legal advice.
  • Offering assistance During Judicial Proceedings depending on the case.
  • Investigating and inquiring the merits of the raised cases of corruption.
  • Calling relevant authorities.
  • The services are available for:

  • Every person who wants to provide testimony about an administrative or financial corruption within public or private institution.
  • Every person who has been harassed for reporting corruption.
  • Every person who has been subjected to injustice as a result of an abuse of authority or power.
  • About our activities?

    Over and above accepting reports about corruption, the centre organizes events and awareness-rising campaigns to encourage people to report corruption; it also introduces its manifestations and its legal framework that tends to prevent it.

    Furthermore, the centre is in collaboration with various official authorities and with civil society components to attract the attention and to highlight the cases and the manifestations of corruption that occupy the public opinion. The centre endorses the legal and academic framework to fight corruption locally and regionally by studies and investigative reporting.